onsdag 29 april 2009

Where does it come from

People that I have opened myself to and told about my fetish often asks where it comes from.
I don´t have a straight answer to that because my fetish have always been there as long as I can remember. Though it evolved through my puberty I have memories from my early years as a child where I had a fascination for clothes, especially polo-shirts.
When I grew up during the eighties it was very common with polo-shirts with a popped collar from under a sweater. Of course that had an effect on me and how my fetish evolved. I mean if I hade grown up during the sixties I probably would have had a fetish for some other clothes.

But still, to me it doesn´t matter where it comes from. I´m a fetishist and that´s who I am. I don´t think that gay people, fetishists, masochists, sadists or other sexual preferences need to explain why they have their preferences.

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