torsdag 30 april 2009

How come

How come that me and others are so fascinated of polo-shirts prefered with the collar flipped up? I have wondered about it so many times.
When I see an individual with a polo-shirt and she or he has a popped collar I think that it lies most in how the collar hides the most sexy part of the body; the neck, and how exciting and sexy that makes it.
I also believe in how, especially a white collar reflects the face of the owner of the shirt.
I discovered with myself that when I wear a shirt I find it so sexy to feel the fabric against my bare body and when I flip up my collar it tickles my neck in a very satisfaction kind of way. When me or my partner touches the shirt especially over my nipples it feels so much more than if I didn´t wear any clothes.

onsdag 29 april 2009

Where does it come from

People that I have opened myself to and told about my fetish often asks where it comes from.
I don´t have a straight answer to that because my fetish have always been there as long as I can remember. Though it evolved through my puberty I have memories from my early years as a child where I had a fascination for clothes, especially polo-shirts.
When I grew up during the eighties it was very common with polo-shirts with a popped collar from under a sweater. Of course that had an effect on me and how my fetish evolved. I mean if I hade grown up during the sixties I probably would have had a fetish for some other clothes.

But still, to me it doesn´t matter where it comes from. I´m a fetishist and that´s who I am. I don´t think that gay people, fetishists, masochists, sadists or other sexual preferences need to explain why they have their preferences.

tisdag 28 april 2009

My definition of fetish

What do you think when you hear or read the word fetish or fetishist?
My definition is if you are a fetishist you need the object in any sexual event.
You can´t have any bodypart as a fetish because it´s defined as a sexual object already.
In my case I have a fetish espesially for polo-shirts.
Do you define a polo-shirt as a sexual object?
I guess the answer is no and that´s why it is a fetish for me because to me it has a sexual purpose. I need to have a polo-shirt or something like it to have sexual satisfaction: I need to see my partner dressed in a polo or I need to wear it myself or I need to fantasize about it.
That´s why I´m a fetishist because I can´t be without the object when I have sex, with someone else or with myself.

First time

Finally, I´ve started this blog about my fetish.
Popped collars, especially polo collars.
Hope you´ll like it. I hope I´ll write here regular.