tisdag 27 oktober 2009


I´ve had some shorter and longer realtions with girls and in the end it has always been a problem with my fetish. In the beginning, everything is fine and my partner says yes to me and my needs in sexual ways.
As I explained before, I need to have clothes in some way or I don´t get satisfaction. Ok, some of you may say that I´m selfish and similar but I can´t change who I am! Take it or leave it, if you can´t stand that I´m a fetishist then it´s not worth it.
In one of my longer relations my partner tried to make me change my sexuality. It had the consequences that I held my fetish back and in the end it all exploded.
During the Franco-time in Spain people wern´t aload to speak their own languages and after the dictatorship had fallen many people in Spain only speaks their languages and not want to speak castellano at all. I think of that and refer that to my fetish.

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  1. Very nice pictures!
    I see I might have found your blog too late as there has been no posts in 2010 but im leaving a comment anyway.

    Im also a huge fan of girls with popped collars. In particular polo shirts and turtlenecks :)

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